All male enhancement options available on the market claim that they are the best. But there are countless pills, patches, devices and systems out there. How can a patient determine if the method that they are interested in is truly effective? What if they spend their money on a useless product that also damages their health? Here are a few advices on why you should use the best male enhancement method – SizeGenetics device.

Is natural male enhancement possible?

Most products that claim to offer the male enlargement desired are either unsafe or ineffective. Many men dream to enlarge their penis size and treat erectile dysfunction, but they are likely to end up with only temporary results or, even worse, their health will be affected. Pills that claim to be natural contain hidden ingredients and the pumps available on market can result in nerve injuries and blood vessels damages.

After years of research, a team of doctors and scientists from Denmark and the USA developed SizeGenetics, this medical type 1 device that was also clinically tested and proven to be safe for the health of patients. The device comes with a solid money back-guarantee of 180 days, so if you are not satisfied with your results, you will receive full refund.

Try a testified method

Once this product was launched, thousands of customers convinced themselves that you can actually achieve male enhancement in a natural way, at home. All you have to do is just order the device and adjust it to the size of your manhood. Because it allows 58 different ways to use it, SizeGenetics is the most comfortable penis extender available on the market. This product is very light and discreet hence you can wear it anywhere and at any time.

The average erect penis size is about 5-7 inches. Whether you have 6 inches or less, you can still use SizeGenetics and enjoy the benefits. Unlike suction devices, vacuum-based pumps or enlargement pills, SizeGenetics is completely safe for the health of the consumers. Many positive reviews testify the safety of the treatment and, as stated by patients, results will be noticed within weeks after starting using the device.

Use SizeGenetics for best male enhancement results

Some people say that you can achieve male enhancement naturally by just consuming certain foods and ingredients. But when they say “male enhancement”, they refer to improved sexual performances and increased libido. Although foods such as bananas, figs, chocolate, celery, ginseng, gingko biloba, saw palmetto, damiana, horny goat weed, yohimbe and watermelon will give a boost to your appetite for sex, they are less likely to increase the size of your manhood. They improve the health of the reproductive system, but the effects will disappear once you stop consuming them.

If you want long-lasting effects and permanent results, SizeGenetics medical type 1 device is your best solution. The traction force exerted on your penile will encourage cell duplication and your penis size will grow by inches in several months. Order SizeGenetics to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and achieve the male enhancement essential for your confidence!