Men from all over the world are concerned about erectile dysfunction and problems regarding their performance in bed. They search on the internet, but it is hard to classify the large amount of information you can get online and whether a male enhancement option is efficient or not. This website was developed to answer all of your questions, insecurities and dilemmas. Here you have it, all explanations in one place.

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We are not here to ask new questions. SizeGenetics was developed as an answer to a problem that bothered men for centuries. Erectile dysfunction lowered men’ self-esteem and caused numerous problems in relationships, until a team of scientists came up with this innovative concept. They developed SizeGenetics, a medical type 1 device that offers countless benefits in only several months of treatment.

How about treating ED, boosting libido and enhancing penis size all at once, with just one medical device? A handful of experienced doctors and scientists from Denmark and the USA stands behind SizeGenetics device, this tool that can provide all of these remarkable effects within 4 to 6 months of treatment. It is the only device that enables 58 different ways to wear it, thus it ensures maximum comfort while it stretches penis size and improves patients’ experience in bed.

Many clinical tests were performed until the developers of SizeGenetics learned that a tension of 2,800 grams is best to ensure the results aimed. This force exerted on penile shaft pushes traction technology to new limits and ensures the best effects. Penis size becomes bigger, erectile dysfunction is eliminated and men’s sex drive reaches to higher levels. In addition to this, the male enhancement is achieved in a natural and safe way and patients will not be affected by any side effects.

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