Erectile problems are more common than you think. It affects a significant percentage of male population and men would try anything to treat and eliminate this unpleasant issue. Apart from the fact it affects their sexual life, erectile dysfunction also diminishes their confidence and can result in depression and relationship problems. But there’s still hope for you: have you heard of SizeGenetics?

What is SizeGenetics?

When you cannot get or maintain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse, you suffer from erectile dysfunction. Whether it occurs occasionally or more frequently, it is still erectile dysfunction – also known as impotence. Thankfully, there is a cure for that. SizeGenetics is a medical type 1 device developed to treat erectile dysfunction and offer the male enhancement desired in a natural way.


You might hear that SizeGenetics is a penis extender, but the truth is this device is a lot more than that. In only a few months of treatment it boosts patient’s confidence, treats ED, improves the health of reproductive system and increases penis size by inches. Patients who will follow the treatment with SizeGenetics will also enhance their libido and achieve more satisfying intercourses – results that will appear soon after starting the treatment.

How can erectile dysfunction affect your life?

When you encounter erectile problems on a daily basis, it will lower your self-esteem. You become so nervous, that even the thought of failing again will frighten you. Arguments will appear between you and your lover, you will be tempted to blame each other and it might lead eventually to a break-up. But you must determine whether what happens to you is caused by a physical or psychological problem.

ED appears when patient is stressed, tired, distracted or consumed too much alcohol. In this case it is probably an occasional episode of erectile dysfunction. But more serious problems can have ED as a consequence. When the patient suffers from diabetes or the arteries are narrowed and reduced amounts of blood flow into the penile tissues, erectile dysfunction is likely to manifest. Other common causes of ED include injuries of the nerves, hormonal issues and even side effects of certain medicines.

How does SizeGenetics work?

Although SizeGenetics was initially developed to support men after penile surgery, this medical type 1 device can provide the male enhancement desired in a natural way, without having to go under the knife. SizeGenetice device works by exerting a force on the penile shaft and applying a constant traction that improves the blood flow to the penile area. Blood circulation will be stimulated and more blood will be pumped into the tissues, new cells will develop and penis size will be enhanced.

Penis anlargement scheme

Because blood flow will be improved, the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction will be eliminated and this health issue will no longer manifest. Men will regain their confidence, their sex life will be satisfying again and SizeGenetics will also increase stamina and raise the endurance in bed. But in order to achieve these astonishing results men will have to use SizeGenetics device several hours a day, for a few months in a row.

The device enables 58 different ways to wear it, so it is the most comfortable penis extender device on the market. Because the pieces are resistant to tear and wear, you can use it all day long: in your office, on your way home and even in the shower. You will not need SizeGenetics spare parts and you will not have to interrupt your male enhancement treatment during vacation, neither.

What is male enhancement?


We frequently hear this expression, but you cannot say for sure what it refers to. Some people use it for “enlargement of penis size”, while others refer to “libido booster”. Regardless of which one you would have in mind, SizeGenetics can actually provide both. Penis size will not increase overnight, but the constant use of the device will result in the natural male enhancement desired. In addition to this, the increased blood flow due to your treatment will cause your neurotransmitters to stimulate the ends of the nerves in the penis, hence the arteries in the penile will dilate and you will achieve an erection.

This situation will occur more often that you might expect. You will be aroused all the time and your lover will definitely love the treatment with SizeGenetics device as much as you do. The rapid inflow of blood will cause your manhood to swell and, because the engorged inner part of the penile will press on the veins in the proximity of the skin surface of the penis, your erections will last longer.

What will be the effects achieved with SizeGenetics?

Men who want to obtain male enhancement in a healthy way will have to use SizeGenetics device for about 4 to 6 months. The good news is that after only a few weeks of treatment you will notice an improvement in libido and you will be aroused all the time. Because the penile tissues will be flooded with larger amounts of blood, new cells will develop in Corpus Cavernosa and the penile shaft will enlarge. According to SizeGenetics reviews, men achieved more or less one inch in penile size, but all of them succeeded to eliminate erectile dysfunction naturally.

Increased Stamina

Increased stamina, raised endurance, higher libido and more satisfying intercourses are only some of the effects accomplished within months of using SizeGenetics medical device. If most of the products available on the market are focused on either male enhancement or treating erectile dysfunction, SizeGenetics will meet the requirements of all patients. Apart from the fact that penis size will get bigger and ED episodes will disappear completely, the consumers will also boost their confidence in bed and enhance considerably their self-esteem.

Are the results permanent?

Some people would say that a man’s ego is directly proportional to his penile size. If that’s true, SizeGenetics is your best ally – who would not feel great to achieve male enhancement in a healthy and safe way? The results obtained will not disappear once you complete your treatment with SizeGenetics device. The effects are permanent, you will no longer experience ED episodes and your manhood will not shrink once you will stop using the medical device.

In case you will interrupt the treatment, it will not affect your health. Because it does not imply using pills, creams or other products that might result in side effects, SizeGenetics is safe for the health of the consumers and, even more, it will improve the overall health of reproductive system in men. Stamina production will be higher, fertility will be increased and your libido will be more enhanced that ever.

Is SizeGenetics safe?

SizeGenetics has enough parts to ensure 58 different ways to use the device. You must find the right way to use it – it is that one that is comfortable, but which also exerts a constant traction force along the penile shaft. If used incorrectly, it will not be comfy and you will have to readjust it – your penis size might be already bigger and you will have to set the device accordingly to your increased manhood.

You will not have to ingest pills, nor use creams or solutions to obtain the male enhancement dreamed. SizeGenetics will not cause you any unwanted side effects and it is completely safe for the health of the consumers – there will not be any nerve damages or blood vessels issues, effects that actually appear when undergoing penile surgery. If other male enhancement methods can lead to harming the health of the consumers, SizeGenetics is safe to use by men over 18 years old.

How else can you achieve male enhancement?

Some of your friends might recommend you to use penile weights, pumps or other systems that promise to deliver the results aimed, but you must inform first if these are really the best solutions for your needs. Because penis weights damage the blood vessels and vacuum pumps can lead to nerve injuries, these methods will cause more harm than benefits.

Pay attention when you will discover a new commercial to some pills that claim to miraculously cure erectile dysfunction. You might be tempted to just swallow a few capsules in order to eliminate the embarrassing problems in bed, but these pills usually contain hidden ingredients so they can cause you side effects. Not even Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are safe – these prescribed pills can cause adverse effects such as flushing, headaches, blurred vision, stomach upset, increased frequency of urination, pain on urination, bone pain, anxiety, behavior change similar to drunkenness, chest pain, shakiness and extremely painful erections, among other unwanted effects.

These methods only claim to assist you achieve male enhancement. They are not as efficient or safe as SizeGenetics medical type 1 device. This product was developed by a highly experienced team of doctors and numerous positive results testify the efficacy of treatment with SizeGenetics. Next time when you hear that one of your friends used weights or pumps warn them about the side effects and recommend them the medical device that helped you overcome ED.

Can you increase penile size naturally?

Old legends mention Ginger, Ginseng and Gingko Biloba as powerful aphrodisiacs that make wonders in bed. But if you will do a little research, you will discover that numerous other natural sources were specified as libido boosters. Figs, avocados, bananas, oysters, celery, chocolate, red wine, garlic, basil and Yohimbine are some of the aphrodisiacs that can revive your appetite for sex, but they are less likely to give an enhancement in penis size.

Some websites encourage teens to exercise their penile muscle to stimulate male enhancement in a natural way. But no scientific evidence has ever proved that exercise alone can boost penis size. Although you will achieve longer lasting erections and your sensations will be more impressive, the size of your manhood will remain the same – whether you practice or not Kegels on a regular basis.

When it comes to the best natural male enhancement option, SizeGenetics is your answer. Because it is a medical type 1 device, your treatment will deliver only positive results – which will also stay permanently. In their attempt to increase penis size by inches, some men even try penile surgery. But do they actually need surgery?

What is penile surgery?

Despite the fact that most doctors recommend penile surgery only for those who are less gifted a lot more men are willing to pay thousands of dollars to get the male enhancement wanted. Yet penile surgery should be used only on those who really need it. Because this option is very risky and involves numerous side effects, several doctors do not even want to perform it on their patients.

Penile surgery – also known as phalloplasty – is usually done on patients who have the erect penis size smaller than 3 inches. However, many men who actually have an average penis size – 5-6 inches – are willing to sacrifice their health for an extra inch in penile length. The surgery can be performed in two different ways. The procedures involve widening the penis or lengthening the penis.

The ligament that connects the penis to the pelvic bone will be surgically cut so that the penile length will be with about one inch longer. Although it is not quite an enlargement of the penis, this procedure will allow to make visible something that used to be hidden. As a consequence, patients will achieve the male enhancement that they have always dreamed of.

Those who want to engorge their erection will have to implant silicone, fat or tissue grafts in their member. However, the controversy behind this procedure shows clearly that these methods are risky and potentially ineffective. The substances implanted under the skin can be absorbed and even rejected by the immune system, resulting in bruises, nerves injuries, urethra damages and countless other side effects that should determine patients to change their mind about phalloplasty.

Does SizeGenetics offer any guarantees?

Instead of putting your health at risk with expensive surgical procedures that might not even fulfill your dream, you should give SizeGenetics a try. This medical device comes with a solid 6 month money-back guarantee, so you can return it if you are not satisfied with the results. However, it can be used in 58 different ways and it will suit any penile size – you will definitely love wearing it when and where you want.

Some patients use it when they are at work, while others prefer to wear it when they sleep. The truth is SizeGenetics is so comfortable, that you will not even feel it. Nobody can tell that you are actually lengthening your manhood when you sit in your office. The device is very discreet and can be used even when you are walking, without experiencing any inconveniences. You have 6 months to try it and if the results will not satisfy you, you can return the product to the manufacturer and get a full refund.

SizeGenetics reviews

Though most men are embarrassed to discuss on this topic, you will be surprised to discover how many of them used SizeGenetics. Accordingly to most SizeGenetics reviews, the benefits of the treatment were achieved soon after starting using the device. Men experience an increased desire for sex even from the first week of treatment. But after a couple of months, the semen production is developed, endurance is increased and virility is considerably higher. A slight enhancement in penile size is observed and men’s ego is improved.

Consider the SizeGenetics reviews before ordering your device. You will find useful information regarding how to use it and you will learn the steps that you will go through. Sizegenetics consumers will offer you some tips on where it’s best to wear it and you will be relieved to find that some of them accomplished the male enhancement even sooner than the 6 months promised.

Should you buy SizeGenetics?

Each body is different and some patients may obtain the results desired sooner than others. But 6 months are enough to convince yourself that SizeGenetics is the medical device you need to accomplish male enhancement in a natural way. There’s no point to risk your health with pills, vacuum devices or phalloplasty. Probably those who decide to go under the knife to enlarge penis size have not even heard of SizeGenetics.

Benefit of the money-back guarantee, order SizeGenetics and eliminate erectile dysfunction with the safest device available on the market. This device is clinically tested and proven to work on men of all ages. Increase your penis size by inches in an efficient way and achieve male enhancement without experiencing any negative side effects.
Who could have known that you can treat erectile dysfunction, enlarge penis size and boost your libido with just one medical device? Order SizeGenetics, benefit of the limited special offer and increase your confidence in only a few months of use!

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